This Woman’s Incredible Two-Pound Transformation Proves That The Scale Means Nothing

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Mum of four Adrienne Osuna, however, is showing that wellness and fitness have nothing to do with amounts on a scale. For years, yo-yo dieting, together with a miscarriage and four pregnancies, had taken their toll. After one turned, she decided to quit dieting once and for all. She turned to weightlifting, irregular fasting, and clean eating to make an enduring change.

The results of Osuna are absolutely mind boggling. She’s gained a whole lot of muscle, although she is lost only two pounds and has a new, toned figure.

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Because muscle takes up less room than fat and is denser, a scale is not always the best measure of changes happening in a person’s body.

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By lifting four times weekly, Osuna started her journey. She said, “Within per year approximately, if that, I was down three dress sizes and also the scale still had not proceeded.”

She is fallen in love with power lifting and is currently competing! Heavy cream in coffee.

For anybody who is ever struggled to shed weight or had that awful feeling of anxiety when stepping on a scale, Osuna is an inspiration. It is no wonder that her side by side pictures have gone viral, obtaining her over 38,000 followers on Instagram.

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What an incredible mama! She not only looks absolutely brilliant, but she’s helping dispel old myths about health fat loss, and scales.

Be sure to assess her blog should you’d like to learn more about her or follow her In Instagram. And also don’t forget to share these pictures that are amazing with your friends, specially if their confidence could use a boost! It’s amazing when you place your mind to it, what may be achieved.

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