Think Humans Are The Only Ones Who Want To Show Off Their Babies? Not A Chance!

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New parents always desire to show off their babies.

In the end, it took a lot of work to bring a fresh life into the world. It is natural for us humans to be proud of our offspring, which emotion isn’t exclusive to us. Our buddies in the animal kingdom love their kiddos, too, and also you may just recognize the emotion of those beaming parents, both big and small.

1. That smile is undeniably proud. Infant elephant is only following Mother’s lead.

baby elephant

2. She’s surveying the little ones to be sure they’re acceptable after having a lengthy swim. Look at how they’ve lined up so nicely!

swan cute

3. This pair has got it down, although scaling is hard.

rats cute

4. Marsupials have an extra bond with their kids, who get to hang out with their parents in a pouch for a while.

baby rats

5. Talk about a “mini-me”! These two are an ideal pair.

dog cute wow

6. Mother is so pleased with her infant who seems ready to take on the entire world.

goat baby