They Thought They Were Pregnant — Then Doctors Told Her She Had To Deliver A Tumor

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Alice Hall had just been for nine months when a spell with morning sickness induced the woman to take a pregnancy test.
When the test read positive, although shocked, the couple was shortly thrilled to discover that Hall was almost four weeks. Hall began bleeding, as Tolles and Hall began to prepare themselves for the joys of being parents and was rushed to your local hospital for tests. The excited mom-to-be was told she’d suffered a miscarriage, but following another pregnancy test and an increase of hormones, she learned that she was still carrying what she thought was a baby.

When she began bleeding again, an ERPC to remove the pregnancy tissue from her uterus was performed by doctors. Days after the task, Hall’s hormones continued to fluctuate as though she was still pregnant.

Uncertain of what was going on inside her body, doctors referred her to Charing Cross Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a rare disorder referred to as gestational tropho blastic neoplasia (GTN) which had caused a tumour to grow inside her uterus.

Hall was housing a fetus-sized tumour inside her.

Terrifyingly, there is no means for doctors to work without the chance of her dying from blood loss.

After eight sessions of chemotherapy, Hall woke one morning to find out she was essentially in labor. She was told that she’d have to birth the tumour, when she arrived in the local hospital.

In labor for over 30 hours, Hall finally delivered the tumor. She has been given the all clear and is in remission.

Both Tolles and Hall hope to try again for a kid, despite physicians’ warnings that she is in danger of the happening. Share this story along with all the mommies and moms -to-be you know!