Their Dog Wasn’t In Show Shape — What They Did To Him Is So Reckless And Cruel

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For what it’s, accepting your body can be a tough undertaking for both men and women.
While many people learn to accept our bodies, defects and all, others seek ways to cover up their insecurities and focus their attention on even the tiniest or repair the issue once and for all.

And as something only humans did to themselves while we think of plastic surgery, one family decided to have their pet go under the knife to be able to do better in dog shows.

When Marina Esmat purchased her son a Jack Russell pup, she immediately noticed that the dog’s ears were a little peculiar given the breed.

cute dog

Rather than have droopy ears, their pup’s ears grew upward. The family had dreamed of having a dog with ears similar to Milo from the Jim Carey movie, “The Mask.”

cute dog mask

They also wished to breed their Jack Russell and believed that because of his ears, he wouldn’t triumph.

The family attempted changing the form of their dog’s ears by using weights and paste, but when that failed, they sought out a surgeon who could give them what they desired.

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When the family visited a veterinarian, surgeon Andrey Mezin attempted to talk them out of going through with the operation calling the entire ordeal “unneeded.”

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Despite his strong disapproval, Mezin went through with the process and gave the Jack Russell of their dreams to the Esmat family.

I for one believe that in case you intend to improve your own appearance that’s one thing, but altering the appearance of your pets is totally uncalled for. Share this family’s extreme plastic surgery story if you imagine your pets are perfect just the way that they are!