Their Baby Died During A Routine Procedure — But Was It All Part Of A Scam?

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We pay co-pays and other expenses anticipating our doctors to aid us and our kids.
And while we prefer to believe that our health professionals are doing what’s greatest for us, medical staff and some doctors may be making unwarranted medical needs up as ways to defraud Medicaid and insurance companies for everything they’re worth. A family in Texas is currently suing their dentist when they lost their young daughter to some medical mishap during a procedure they now believe was portion of a scam.

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Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres were told their 14-month-old daughter Daisy demanded necessary dental work deal with tooth decay and to do root canals.

Throughout the process, Daisy was administered anesthesia. Everything was going according to plan before the little one’s heart stopped beating.

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After Daisy’s story began circulating around the town, other families started coming forward to show the Austin Kids’s Dentistry had performed unneeded work on their kids, leading Torres and Squier to consider their daughter was killed as an effect of an elaborate Medicaid scam.

They’re now suing the dentistry practice, the dentist, the anesthesiologist, and Texas Anesthesiology Association.

Based on the family’s attorney Sean Breen, “A huge component of people who use Medicaid happens to be folks that are low income and sometimes not as formally educated as they, and others make for very good targets simply because they’re believing.”

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