People Are Up In Arms About What You Can Now Do To Feral Hogs…What Do You Think?

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A pig might instantly leap to mind as a classic example when you consider farm animals.
It is a fact that farmers care and love for pigs daily, but in Texas, farmers’ livelihoods endanger.

Feral hogs procreate fast — up to two litters of six piglets per year — which implies the population can explode immediately, but it is not their existence that drives farmers mad.

Wild pigs cause up to $52 million annually. Including taking dangerous bacteria that may affect people, ramming into farm equipment, and uprooting harvests.


The public keeps growing despite regulations and organized hunting groups that enable hogs to be shot by hunters .

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That is why Miller introduced a brand new regulation which allows visitors to poison the feral hogs. The drug stains contaminated tissue bright blue those who hunt hogs will understand to not eat a poisoned creature.

The Texas Hog Hunters Association differs with this particular approach, as well as representatives in the Environmental Protection Agency, noting that the whole ecosystem cans change if the poisoned body is eaten by other creatures. This begins a chain reaction of more and more creatures being changed.